Read below to see what makes Marianna a great partner in a client's success coaching journey!

Marianna is in the right career for sure. Something about her personality just makes her so approachable, and she manages to make what could otherwise be a stressful meeting into something fun and incredibly helpful. I never leave sessions without feeling 100% satisfied in our meeting. 

Supportive, responsive, and compassionate — Marianna is a fantastic counselor who listened to my needs and helped me find a way to achieve my goals. From my first introduction to her, Marianna was welcoming and open, which made it easy for me to discuss my ideas and plans with her.  She is understanding and accommodating when it comes to figuring out a plan that works for each individual. Working with Marianna has helped me to feel more in control and empowered as a student and her supportive attitude kept me going at times when I had doubts. 

I think this is my first A since... elementary school, maybe middle school! Thank you so much for all of your help, your listening ear, and your understanding and affirmative demeanor! I feel like the remedial punk in every coming of age movie ever made, and you took the time to care and to encourage me. You made the difference between me thinking that I could do well in higher education and wanting to give up. 

Marianna is the best. She makes every meeting light and comfortable. She gets to the point, and makes sure to ask thought provoking questions. She’s always prepared and remembers to follow up. You can tell just by talking with her that she’s really there to help you, and somehow always points out what you need to hear.