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    Trainer, June 2023 – Present JST Coaching & Training Owner/Success Coach, August 2020 – Present MH Success Coaching, LLC Academic/ADHD Coach, October 2019 – August 2023 UVU Academic Standards Adjunct Instructor, August 2018 – Present UVU Student Leadership & Success Studies Academic Advisor I & II, February 2015 – September 2019 UVU College of Engineering & Technology Intercultural Academic Programs Coordinator, July 2009 – January 2015 UVU Center for Global & Intercultural Engagement
    Utah ADHD Collective Founder, 2024 – Present Duke Center for Girls & Women with ADHD: Champions Circle Champion, 2024 – Present Annual International Conference on ADHD Attendee, November 2023 International Coaching Federation (ICF) High Country Chapter Board of Directors President, June 2024 – Present President-Elect, DEIB Chair, June 2023 – May 2024 A Bolder Way Forward for Utah Neurodiversity Impact Team Co-Lead, 2023 – Present ADHD Coaches Organization [ACO] Member & Certified ADHD Coach, 2023 – Present Utah Women in Higher Education Network (UWHEN) UVU Chapter Board President-Elect/President, May 2021 – August 2023 Staff Ambassador, August 2019 – April 2021 Coaching in Higher Education Consortium Member, 2021 – Present International Coaching Federation [ICF] High Country Member, 2020 – Present International Coaching Federation [ICF] Member, 2020 – Present
    Neurodiversity Impact Team Breakout Session A Bolder Way Forward 2nd Annual Summit, June 2024 Teaching Neurodivergent Students *Invited* UVU Office of Teaching & Learning, January 2024 Abundant Accessibility: Teaching Neurodiverse Students in Writing Courses TYCA PNW, October 2023 Neurodiversity & Disability: How are You Including it in Belonging & Opportunity Efforts? *Invited* One Utah Thriving: Creating Opportunity through Higher Education, Utah System of Higher Education, Oct 2023 Accessibility in Abundance: Supporting Neurodiverse Students in Writing Courses TYCA West, September 2023 How Strengths, Personality, and Interests Connect to College Students’ Career Undecidedness National Career Development Association (NCDA) Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, June 2023 Where’s the Ringmaster? Why Executive Functioning Matters UVU Advisement Conference: “Advising: The Greatest Show,” June 2023 ADHD & Professionalism: How Compassion and Communication Make a Difference UVU Summer University, May 2023 Stay Curious Just a Little Longer: How a Coaching Approach Helps Women Thrive UWHEN Annual State Leadership Conference, April 2023 Thinking Differently About Different Thinking: Supporting Neurodiverse Students in the Classroom UVU Teaching & Learning Symposium, March 2023 Knowing Strengths, Knowing Leadership *Invited* Women of UVU, March 2023 *Invited* Wolverine Student Life Summit, August 2022 UWHEN Annual State Leadership Conference, April 2022 From Padawan to Jedi: How Coaching Helps Students Master Their Own Success *Invited* UVU University Advising, February 2023 *Invited* NACADA Annual Conference, Portland, OR, October 2022 *Invited* Colorado Mesa University & Western Colorado Community College, October 2022 *Best of Region* NACADA Region 10 Conference, Albuquerque, NM, May 2022 UVU Advisement Conference, June 2021 Understanding Student Undecidedness and Talking to Students about Their Careers UVU Advisement Conference, June 2021 Unlock Your Potential: Discover and Drawn Upon Your Team’s Strengths UVU Advisement Conference, June 2019 Planned Happenstance: Career Prep for Now & the Future *Invited* Utah High School Digital Media Arts Fest, Utah Valley University, May 2019 International Travel Tips and Tricks UVU Advisement Conference, June 2017 Advising in a Mormon-Centric Community Utah Advising Association Conference, Dixie State University, May 2015 Advisors Are Allies: Building and Making Connections Abroad UVU Advisement Conference, June 2014
    Neurodiversity Coaching: Coaching Skills and Strategies to Building Student Self-Determination AHEAD Master Class, Chicago, IL, April 2024 Neurodiversity-Aware Career Coaching: Maximizing Your Client's Potential ICF Los Angeles Chapter, April 2024 ADHD & Education Panel Discussion Sponsored by StudyZen, January 2024 ADHD Workshop Guest Facilitator UVU Mental Health Services, July 2023 From ADHD to Z: Expand Your Coaching to Better Serve Neurodiverse Clients ICF High Country Chapter, April 2023 Clifton Strengths Leadership Workshop Women of UVU, April 2023 UVU Presidential Interns, October 2022 Teaching Students How to Learn UVU University Advising, September 2021, March 2022, September 2022 Academic Standards Training UVU University Advising, July 2021, September 2022 UVU UWHEN Strengths Workshop Series Utah Valley University, Fall 2020 – Spring 2022 Clifton Strengths K-12 Staff Workshop Lincoln Academy, Pleasant Grove, Utah, May – June 2020 Clifton Strengths Classroom Workshops Utah Valley University, Fall 2019 – Present Myers-Briggs Type Indicator & Strong Interest Inventory Classroom Workshops Utah Valley University, Fall 2018 – Present
    AWARDS Specialty Advisor of the Year (Academic Coach) UVU University Advising, 2023 Best of Region Conference Presentation NACADA Region 10 Annual Conference, 2022 Dean’s Staff Excellence UVU College of Engineering & Technology, 2018 Community-Engaged Staff Member Utah Campus Compact, 2014 NOMINATIONS Specialty Advisor of the Year (Academic Coach) UVU University Advising, 2022 UWHEN Emerging Professional UWHEN State Awards, 2021 Presidential Award of Excellence Utah Valley University, 2021 Excellence in Advising - New Advisor NACADA Region 10, 2017 Specialty Advisor of the Year (Study Abroad Advisor) UVU University Advising, 2013
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