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Sitting on Couch



Initial Consult: Free


Intake/Discovery Session: $50


50-Minute Session: $90


Monthly Retainer: $349

  • Four 50-minute sessions

  • Check-ins between sessions

  • Texting and email

Assessments: $10-$60

Payment: MH Success Coaching processes payments as invoices through Square.


Even though coaching is beneficial, it is not deemed "medically necessary," nor is it mental health therapy, so it is typically not covered by health insurance. Here's an excerpt from online magazine ADDitude that explains potential options:


"Most coaches take credit cards, but rarely use a sliding scale for fees. Insurance plans don’t typically cover coaching, but there may be other ways to defray the expense. Says Novotni: “Ask your human resources department about possibly picking up the cost. I’ve been hired by employers to coach employees who are having trouble in the workplace.”


Dee Crane has worked with clients who pay through their flexible spending accounts (FSAs) offered by their employers.

FSAs are plans that let you set aside pre-tax dollars for healthcare expenses not covered by your insurance (glasses, acupuncture, etc.) You can talk with your employer about setting up an account.


Another option is to ask your physician to write a prescription for coaching, the cost of which may be written off on your taxes.


If you’re self-employed, you might consider deducting a portion of the ADHD coach’s fees as a business expense, just as you would for the services of a consultant, tax advisor, or anyone else who assists with the business.


While affordability is no small matter, consider how an ADHD coach might be a financial investment down the line before ruling it out. A coach, for example, can help you avoid all-too-common monetary consequences of disorganization, impulsivity, and poor planning, like late payment and overdraft fees, parking tickets, spoiled groceries, and other unnecessary expenses."

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